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Skills required for a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer helps his/her clients lose fat and in achieving their fitness goals. Along with the right qualification and experience there are certain qualities a personal trainer must possess in order to have a successful long term career. If you are aspiring to become a personal trainer, you must be aware of the skills required for the job. It’s time to choose from one of several personal training courses.


Since you are going to train your clients and teach them how to workout and stay fit, you must look fit yourself. Your fit body is your first marketing tool. It will show that you are passionate about fitness and will give your clients a motivation to hire your services.

Skilled Personal Trainer

Communication Skills

Conducting a successful personal training class depends wholly on how you communicate with your clients. You must have clarity and conviction while speaking, be a good listener and understand what the other person is trying to convey. Most people are sensitive about their weight and body and it is very important to get them open up to you about the issues they have.


You may have designed workout programs for your clients taking into account their weight loss goals, food habits and body structure. However, it is possible that due to health issues or personal problems or plain monotony, the client is not able to follow the exercise or diet plan charted for them.

These are the times when the lessons learnt from personal training courses come of help.

In such cases, you must show flexibility and offer them alternatives to the current options. On the other hand, before starting out, you can give multiple options of the training plan so that they can choose the one that suits them best.


A personal trainer must be innovative and should be able to adapt as the goals or abilities of the trainee change. He should be able to make changes to the workout programs in order to make the workouts fun. He should also be able to answer his clients questions such as “how many calories should I eat per day to lose weight” or “ how long will it take until I can see my six pack”.


A personal trainer motivates his/ her trainees to achieve their fitness goals and encourages them to do even better. You should always compliment achievements and never ridicule trainees.

Be Organised

Even though you may have multiple participants in your personal training courses, you must make it a point to track and monitor the progress of each trainee. This is important for you in order to adapt your fitness program to challenge the participants.


A personal trainer should be professional and never encourage personal discussions with the client. A good personal trainer will maintain decorum and discipline while dealing with clients and will never discuss goals or results of one client with anyone else.


Becoming a well-established personal trainer does not mean that you should stop learning or gaining knowledge. It is very important for you to be up-to-date with the latest fitness techniques, equipment and fitness related studies by attending workshops, exhibitions, seminars and fitness events.

As a personal trainer, you will be dealing with different types of clients on an everyday basis and facing new challenges with every situation. It is very important to have the soft skills in order to excel as a professional trainer and make a name for yourself in the fitness industry.

It all boils down to choosing the right personal training courses. Choose wisely to gain all the skills you require and kick start your personal training career with aplomb

Three Fitness Marketing Ideas

Combining fitness with weight loss

People join gyms or online classes to keep fit. A good idea to increase your fitness business is to introduce a weight loss class which has specific goals, start and end date. Also advertise that trained coaches will be available to assist people during such classes. It is a good fitness marketing idea as there is no dearth of people who want to lose weight. To encourage current members you could offer them a discount if they join the weight loss class. At the end of the weight loss program you could offer a prize for the person achieving maximum weight loss.

Additional bait

Another way to encourage people to join your organization would be public recognition. Introduce a ‘member of the month’ page on your social media and website. There will be several people who work extra hard in an effort to reach their goal. Pick the best from this group and publicise their details along with a photograph. Such publicity would prove good fitness marketing and is bound to not only keep current members happy and in competitive mode, it will also help to attract new members.

You could also create a ‘landing page’ on your website. People who access this page could receive a special offer for one free training class with a personal trainer. Not only could this attract new clients, you will also have the personal details of such people on record and be able to keep them in the loop with future information and details of your fitness marketing business.

Information on fitness meals

Anyone who is into fitness training also requires them to have the right nutrition to keep good health. Most people have no idea of what type of food they should eat. So along with your training and fitness programs you could provide members with information on the type of healthy food they should eat. The additional information will help them in their efforts to reach their respective goals.

Four Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

If you are looking for a boot camp in Bondi Beach the choice of a personal trainer can be a complete game changer. With a wrong choice you could be wasting a lot of effort and money as well as exposing yourself to serious injury. However, with a little care in the personal trainer selection you could end up with a friend for life who will take complete charge of your physical fitness, see that you are working out and eating right, and able to recover faster from injuries.

Verify Specialisation and Work Experience

People look at working out for a variety of reasons; sports conditioning, recovery from injuries or medical conditions, pre or post-natal rehabilitation, etc. There is little point in hiring a trainer who has specialised in training marathon runners to get rid of your post-natal flab. You are likely to get best results if you train under someone who has had extensive experience in your particular physical condition and requirement. Ask for references of clients with whom you can check about his training methods and efficacy.

Verify Credentials

When you interview fitness trainers the first thing you should ask is the level of formal fitness education the trainer has undertaken. Look at only trainers who have acquired certifications after a four-year physical fitness programme from a nationally-accredited institution. Gauge his level of interest by finding out whether he has kept his accreditation valid by earning the requisite continuing education credits. Even if it looks rude, ask to see a copy of his qualification and have it verified by the issuing authority.

Availability and Routine Customisation

The very point of engaging a personal fitness trainer is to have personal counselling. The objective can be completely defeated if you are the person making all the adjustments to suit the trainer’s convenience. Going out of your way to accommodate training time slots will invariably mean long-term inconvenience and end up as a big disincentive to sustained fitness training. Find out if the trainer is willing to perform thorough physical profiling and then customising the workout routine.

The Cost Factor

It is wise to do a little comparison shopping to find out what the average rates of trainers are in your area. Be careful in comparing oranges to oranges as rates will differ with varying expertise and client profiles. If you simply can’t afford a private trainer find out if he can accommodate you on a semi-private basis to lower costs. Ask about joining fees and session payments as also refunds or adjustment against cancellation. Some amount of negotiation and personal flexibility will help you to make the best out of the situation.

A Toast to Good Health

With so many things to watch out for, you may be forgiven for thinking that finding the perfect personal trainer is next to impossible. What you should really look for is an individual who has a passion for the job and is committed to looking after your best interests. With the correct attitude and professional approach, an expert personal trainer can work wonders on your personal fitness.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer?

Going to the right Chino Hills boot camps can help you achieve your fitness objectives faster. However, the right personal trainer depends on what you perceive is right for you. Some trainers may be too strict in their policies and it may end up affecting the way you workout because you won’t like their attitude. Others may be friendly and kind and crack jokes during every work out session and you may enjoy this rapport more. So when you choose a trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals, here’s what to keep in mind,


If you are going to pay for a service, you may as well get the best service available. Although a qualification may not mean the person is absolutely right for you, qualifications help you attain a certain amount of reliability. Always ask a potential trainer whether he is certified or not and if he is then what kind of qualifications he has to his name. Based on this, you can then decide which one is right for you.

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It won’t make sense to hire a trainer who has been in the field of fitness training for just a month! In fact, you should always look for someone who has at least been training people for over 3-4 years. The more the experience, the higher the chances of the trainer being able to help you attain your fitness goals faster. This is the general rule for most industries though. More experience is always a major determining factor when hiring someone for services.To find experienced Personal trainer in your area.


If you are comfortable with fast paced aerobic work outs, you may as well hire someone who has relevant expertise in this field. If you are comfortable with gym exercises, you may as well hire someone who has been training in gyms for years. Every trainer will have expertise in one area of training.


Ask your friends and colleagues for the names of relevant trainers. Hire Ontario personal trainers who have been referred to you because there is already a certain amount of guarantee as to his ability. In some cases, your friends may be able to tell you which is the best gym to go to achieve your fitness goals. Adhere to their referrals and check out for yourself whether the gym offers the kind of solutions that work for you.

Comfort Level

It is also important to hire someone you have a comfort level with. If you are uncomfortable with the way the trainer teaches or talks, move on to the next one. If you find a trainer you are comfortable with, it will be easier to exercise well. Furthermore, you will also be more motivated to workout regularly – a key to achieving your fitness goals.


Finally, before making a hiring decision, try to choose a trainer who is reputed in his field of work. If he commands a reputation it goes to say that he is good at what he does.

Signs Your Trainer is Not Qualified Enough to Teach Independently

There are inefficient and incompetent practitioners in every field of work. The fitness industry is no exception. The fitness industry is experiencing a boom and there has been a steady rise in the number of personal trainers who claim to have taken personal trainer courses. It is a good idea to have a personal trainer especially if you are a beginner, but often they are lacking in competence and qualification to guide you independently. Always hire someone who has completed valid personal trainer courses. Jobs for fitness instructors are in abundance, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a trainer that is suitable for your goals..

Your Trainer Does not believe in Assessing or Recording Data

The first sign that your personal trainer is incapable of handling your case independently is when you see him not at all interested in assessing your fitness levels. He relies on assumptions about your fitness level and never enquires about your background.

He is supposed to know if you have asthma, blood pressure, diabetes or any other health concerns or if you have certain injuries. He never records your body-fat percentage or maintains baseline measurements and so he cannot evaluate your progress accurately.

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Your Trainer Makes You Toil on Day1

When you find that your trainer does nothing to assess levels of your mobility, flexibility or strength instead he pushes you beyond all limits and makes you toil to your maximum capacity on day 1. You should then realize that you have chosen the wrong personal trainer who is truly ignorant and definitely not qualified enough to teach you independently.

He does not realize that the clients can get injured or even develop an instant dislike for fitness programmes because of his attitude.

No Importance Given to Rest Periods

Rest is essential for rebuilding your body and for making it stronger. If a trainer does not allow rest periods consistently, his knowledge and experience is definitely questionable. You will not get effective results if proper rest and recovery periods are not enforced consistently. There is absolutely no point in burning out your body. Cross Fit or circuit training and other high intensity workouts that allow minimum rest periods also, let you take a breather in between rounds of workout and then after you are through.

Always Busy chatting &Entertaining

Not only does he allow you to strike up a conversation, he keeps chatting with you about random stuff while you are working out. He should actually monitor your tempo pace and rep count and point out improper technique instead. He may be indulging in personal talk and discussing his problems. Conversation should be restricted to greetings and your performance.

He is constantly using his cell either he is receiving calls, making them or texting while you are working out. His focus should be on you and not his cell phone. He could use timers and fitness apps but should leave his phone behind.

No Positive Reinforcement

If your personal trainer is not focusing on your individual needs and not making positive adjustments, it is time you realized he is incapable of teaching you independently. If he is simply not interested in assisting you in attaining your fitness goals, let him go and instead get someone who is well-equipped with personal trainer courses from recognized university such as EPTI UK PT certifications and knows that focus should be on you and exclusively on your form.

Common Myths About Boot Camps You Should Clarify before Joining One

If you have never worked out in a boot camp before but are thinking of joining one now, you may have certain doubts in your mind. Sometimes, these doubts are centred around myths based on what you have heard from other people. Before starting a new workout regime or joining a new gym or for that matter even boot camp Brighton Le Sands, it is always better to clarify certain myths. Here are some of the common myths about boot camps worth clarifying,

It is too Strict for me

Boot camps take their name and style of training from military boot camp formats. However, people who have not trained in one may think the name suggests that it is a strict form of workout regime. It is unlike what you are going to follow in a gym but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to follow. They are not as strict in a boot camp as they are in a true military camp training centre. Once you get used to the style of training and the schedule, you will find it easy to pursue.

The Training is Tough

A boot camp takes its basic structure from military style training, but that doesn’t mean that it is too tough to follow. They won’t make you do what military cadets are made to do in camp! The kind of exercises will differ and because they are not like the normal kinds of exercises you see at a gym or aerobics class you have think it is tougher. In reality, with a little training and adjustment, you will be fine.

It is for Fit People

Most people may think boot camp Le Sands workouts are for people who are fit. On the contrary, it is formulated to help people get fit. If you are overweight or just want to tone your muscles, you can consider joining Fitness in Brighton. The varied kinds of exercises will help you tone your muscles and help you achieve your fitness objective too.

The Trainers are Not friendly

Most people get scared of the idea of a boot camp and then think that maybe the trainers are not friendly at all. In reality, the trainers are like most others you will meet at other kinds of fitness centres. They will patiently teach you the exercises and help you achieve your fitness objectives. In some cases they will be able to guide you on following the right diet and lifestyle cycles too so that your overall health improves.

It is Expensive

If you know how to make the most of a gym workout, you automatically know how to make the most of a boot camp workout too. Even the fees are not relatively cheap, by going regularly you are benefiting in the long term and your body and mind get adequate exercise. If you can afford a gym, you can very well afford a boot camp workout too. Try and find out the actual fees from a proper Brighton Le Sands boot camp along with other details so that you don’t have lingering myths in the future.