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Three Fitness Marketing Ideas

Combining fitness with weight loss

People join gyms or online classes to keep fit. A good idea to increase your fitness business is to introduce a weight loss class which has specific goals, start and end date. Also advertise that trained coaches will be available to assist people during such classes. It is a good fitness marketing idea as there is no dearth of people who want to lose weight. To encourage current members you could offer them a discount if they join the weight loss class. At the end of the weight loss program you could offer a prize for the person achieving maximum weight loss.

Additional bait

Another way to encourage people to join your organization would be public recognition. Introduce a ‘member of the month’ page on your social media and website. There will be several people who work extra hard in an effort to reach their goal. Pick the best from this group and publicise their details along with a photograph. Such publicity would prove good fitness marketing and is bound to not only keep current members happy and in competitive mode, it will also help to attract new members.

You could also create a ‘landing page’ on your website. People who access this page could receive a special offer for one free training class with a personal trainer. Not only could this attract new clients, you will also have the personal details of such people on record and be able to keep them in the loop with future information and details of your fitness marketing business.

Information on fitness meals

Anyone who is into fitness training also requires them to have the right nutrition to keep good health. Most people have no idea of what type of food they should eat. So along with your training and fitness programs you could provide members with information on the type of healthy food they should eat. The additional information will help them in their efforts to reach their respective goals.