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Skills required for a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer helps his/her clients lose fat and in achieving their fitness goals. Along with the right qualification and experience there are certain qualities a personal trainer must possess in order to have a successful long term career. If you are aspiring to become a personal trainer, you must be aware of the skills required for the job. It’s time to choose from one of several personal training courses.


Since you are going to train your clients and teach them how to workout and stay fit, you must look fit yourself. Your fit body is your first marketing tool. It will show that you are passionate about fitness and will give your clients a motivation to hire your services.

Skilled Personal Trainer

Communication Skills

Conducting a successful personal training class depends wholly on how you communicate with your clients. You must have clarity and conviction while speaking, be a good listener and understand what the other person is trying to convey. Most people are sensitive about their weight and body and it is very important to get them open up to you about the issues they have.


You may have designed workout programs for your clients taking into account their weight loss goals, food habits and body structure. However, it is possible that due to health issues or personal problems or plain monotony, the client is not able to follow the exercise or diet plan charted for them.

These are the times when the lessons learnt from personal training courses come of help.

In such cases, you must show flexibility and offer them alternatives to the current options. On the other hand, before starting out, you can give multiple options of the training plan so that they can choose the one that suits them best.


A personal trainer must be innovative and should be able to adapt as the goals or abilities of the trainee change. He should be able to make changes to the workout programs in order to make the workouts fun. He should also be able to answer his clients questions such as “how many calories should I eat per day to lose weight” or “ how long will it take until I can see my six pack”.


A personal trainer motivates his/ her trainees to achieve their fitness goals and encourages them to do even better. You should always compliment achievements and never ridicule trainees.

Be Organised

Even though you may have multiple participants in your personal training courses, you must make it a point to track and monitor the progress of each trainee. This is important for you in order to adapt your fitness program to challenge the participants.


A personal trainer should be professional and never encourage personal discussions with the client. A good personal trainer will maintain decorum and discipline while dealing with clients and will never discuss goals or results of one client with anyone else.


Becoming a well-established personal trainer does not mean that you should stop learning or gaining knowledge. It is very important for you to be up-to-date with the latest fitness techniques, equipment and fitness related studies by attending workshops, exhibitions, seminars and fitness events.

As a personal trainer, you will be dealing with different types of clients on an everyday basis and facing new challenges with every situation. It is very important to have the soft skills in order to excel as a professional trainer and make a name for yourself in the fitness industry.

It all boils down to choosing the right personal training courses. Choose wisely to gain all the skills you require and kick start your personal training career with aplomb