Four Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

If you are looking for a boot camp in Bondi Beach the choice of a personal trainer can be a complete game changer. With a wrong choice you could be wasting a lot of effort and money as well as exposing yourself to serious injury. However, with a little care in the personal trainer selection you could end up with a friend for life who will take complete charge of your physical fitness, see that you are working out and eating right, and able to recover faster from injuries.

Verify Specialisation and Work Experience

People look at working out for a variety of reasons; sports conditioning, recovery from injuries or medical conditions, pre or post-natal rehabilitation, etc. There is little point in hiring a trainer who has specialised in training marathon runners to get rid of your post-natal flab. You are likely to get best results if you train under someone who has had extensive experience in your particular physical condition and requirement. Ask for references of clients with whom you can check about his training methods and efficacy.

Verify Credentials

When you interview fitness trainers the first thing you should ask is the level of formal fitness education the trainer has undertaken. Look at only trainers who have acquired certifications after a four-year physical fitness programme from a nationally-accredited institution. Gauge his level of interest by finding out whether he has kept his accreditation valid by earning the requisite continuing education credits. Even if it looks rude, ask to see a copy of his qualification and have it verified by the issuing authority.

Availability and Routine Customisation

The very point of engaging a personal fitness trainer is to have personal counselling. The objective can be completely defeated if you are the person making all the adjustments to suit the trainer’s convenience. Going out of your way to accommodate training time slots will invariably mean long-term inconvenience and end up as a big disincentive to sustained fitness training. Find out if the trainer is willing to perform thorough physical profiling and then customising the workout routine.

The Cost Factor

It is wise to do a little comparison shopping to find out what the average rates of trainers are in your area. Be careful in comparing oranges to oranges as rates will differ with varying expertise and client profiles. If you simply can’t afford a private trainer find out if he can accommodate you on a semi-private basis to lower costs. Ask about joining fees and session payments as also refunds or adjustment against cancellation. Some amount of negotiation and personal flexibility will help you to make the best out of the situation.

A Toast to Good Health

With so many things to watch out for, you may be forgiven for thinking that finding the perfect personal trainer is next to impossible. What you should really look for is an individual who has a passion for the job and is committed to looking after your best interests. With the correct attitude and professional approach, an expert personal trainer can work wonders on your personal fitness.