Signs Your Trainer is Not Qualified Enough to Teach Independently

There are inefficient and incompetent practitioners in every field of work. The fitness industry is no exception. The fitness industry is experiencing a boom and there has been a steady rise in the number of personal trainers who claim to have taken personal trainer courses. It is a good idea to have a personal trainer especially if you are a beginner, but often they are lacking in competence and qualification to guide you independently. Always hire someone who has completed valid personal trainer courses. Jobs for fitness instructors are in abundance, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a trainer that is suitable for your goals..

Your Trainer Does not believe in Assessing or Recording Data

The first sign that your personal trainer is incapable of handling your case independently is when you see him not at all interested in assessing your fitness levels. He relies on assumptions about your fitness level and never enquires about your background.

He is supposed to know if you have asthma, blood pressure, diabetes or any other health concerns or if you have certain injuries. He never records your body-fat percentage or maintains baseline measurements and so he cannot evaluate your progress accurately.

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Your Trainer Makes You Toil on Day1

When you find that your trainer does nothing to assess levels of your mobility, flexibility or strength instead he pushes you beyond all limits and makes you toil to your maximum capacity on day 1. You should then realize that you have chosen the wrong personal trainer who is truly ignorant and definitely not qualified enough to teach you independently.

He does not realize that the clients can get injured or even develop an instant dislike for fitness programmes because of his attitude.

No Importance Given to Rest Periods

Rest is essential for rebuilding your body and for making it stronger. If a trainer does not allow rest periods consistently, his knowledge and experience is definitely questionable. You will not get effective results if proper rest and recovery periods are not enforced consistently. There is absolutely no point in burning out your body. Cross Fit or circuit training and other high intensity workouts that allow minimum rest periods also, let you take a breather in between rounds of workout and then after you are through.

Always Busy chatting &Entertaining

Not only does he allow you to strike up a conversation, he keeps chatting with you about random stuff while you are working out. He should actually monitor your tempo pace and rep count and point out improper technique instead. He may be indulging in personal talk and discussing his problems. Conversation should be restricted to greetings and your performance.

He is constantly using his cell either he is receiving calls, making them or texting while you are working out. His focus should be on you and not his cell phone. He could use timers and fitness apps but should leave his phone behind.

No Positive Reinforcement

If your personal trainer is not focusing on your individual needs and not making positive adjustments, it is time you realized he is incapable of teaching you independently. If he is simply not interested in assisting you in attaining your fitness goals, let him go and instead get someone who is well-equipped with personal trainer courses from recognized university such as EPTI UK PT certifications and knows that focus should be on you and exclusively on your form.